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Discover the power of scent.

Let us help you make your life and home more beautiful.

vintage pink pretty rose bud

Life-Inspired Candle Scents

Our special candle scents are inspired by the unforgettable feelings that nature and travel bring our way.  Each candle invites you to experience a place. Or to remember a feeling. 


We infuse every candle we make with a special combination of fragrance oils that evoke those special feelings.  As you light the wick and as the wax melts slowly across the surface, the scent wafting up from that melt pool drifts through the air, creating an inviting atmosphere in your home.


Fragrance has the power to shape moodscapes.  You can discover your power through our special collection of home fragrances. 

We make our candles using a secret wax formula that throws or emits fragrance very well. This allows you to enjoy your candle more fully. Our candle scents are also toxin-free and packaged in environment-friendly materials.

Make your life and home more beautiful. Let us help you do that with our home fragrance collection.



shikoku island soy candle_edited.jpg
vintage dusty rose colored leaf
vintage dusty rose colored flower
vintage pink pretty rose bud
vintage pink pretty rose bud
vintage pink pretty rose bud
Cozy Comfort (Lavender + Orange + Vanill
vintage flower

Natural Healing Room &
Linen Sprays 

Room and linen sprays are among the easiest ways to distance ourselves from the stressors of life.  They relax and energize us, giving us rest without us having to

leave home.


Unlike many room sprays, ours are made with natural essential oils from flowers and plants. These powerful

oils deliver unique benefits that artificial fragrance oils don't. That's why we call them Natural Healing Linen & Room Sprays. 


The oils we chose for our sprays help you sleep deeper and calm your anxieties. Some help you breathe more easily. While others relax and soothe you. 

Because none of our sprays contains fragrance oils, you can enjoy inhaling our healing sprays longer because the essential oils in them won't irritate your nose. (The scent won't "stick" in your nostrils.)  So go ahead, you can relax your minds and comfort your souls with ours.   

Before going to sleep, spray one of our Natural Healing Linen & Room Sprays on your pillows, bed linens and blanket. Awake with a clearer mind and rested body. Scent can indeed make your life and home more beautiful this way.

vintage pink pretty rose bud
vintage pink pretty rose bud
vintage pink pretty rose bud

Mindful Body Care

Body care is health care. 


What we ingest into our bodies is as important as what we put in our minds. "Garbage in, garbage out" isn't it?  With our skin it's "garbage on, garbage in." 


Being mindful means looking at ingredient labels on your body care products, making sure that none of them has words like "parabens", "sulfates", "phthalates" and "triclosan" for example. Ingredients like these tend to be quite harsh on our skin. So avoiding products that have them is a lot better for you.


Instead, look for good words like "naturally-derived", "plant-based", "biodegradable" and "ph-balanced". These are signs that the product was made thoughtfully, mindful of your skin's sensitivities and taking care to respect them.


We made ours that way. Our Shimmer Clean Cleansing Creams contain a very special ingredient used in many  baby-care products around the world. It leaves an intensely protective layer on your skin like lotion does, which helps keep it from drying out after your bath.

shower bath gel + lamesoft


"How are you? What's the new name of  your line again?  Chiqui would like to order linen sprays from you.  She said that after her last chemo, she had a hard time sleeping.  She used some of the linen sprays my mom bought from you and she was able to sleep soundly!  She'd like to order for herself."

— Rowie, Manila

Sleep Room Spray Lavender & Chamomile essential oils

*reviews are from and direct customers

"I don't have much experience with scented candles but I was so surprised how good this smells and how long the scent lasts!  I bought another candle from another brand the same time and this one performed better than the other hehe.  I don't regret buying this.  Really good buy."

— Christen, Manila

orchid & sea salt soy candle.jpg
Cozy Comfort Lavender Vanilla Orange essential oils

*reviews are from and direct customers

"After initial whiff, I love cozy comfort the most.  I have yet to discover which scent I would love best if sprayed on bed and pillows.""

— Sunny, Manila

Old World Soy candle.jpg

"The description of this candle is spot on. You will really be transported to a place you can only really see in the movies: a warm fireplace, several leather bound books, a glass of scotch. The scent is very otherworldly. My brother likes the scent as well and ordered one for his room too."

— Des, Manila

“I thought it would be faint or not enough to fill the room with its scent but I was wrong.  It's good and I can't stop wanting to light it in the bedroom/sala.  Should've bought more.  Sana may bigger size next time. Everyone in the house loves how it smells. :)"

— Guada, Manila

Mint Vanilla Bean candle

“I was not expecting much from a lot of aroma or fragrant sprays and I was glad that this was not overpowering or annoying to the nose type of scent.  It was mint and very relaxing spa like although it doesn't stay too long, maybe a little over an hour but it does smell amazing and really masks unwanted smell.  This was the best variant choice for me since it really helps with my allergic rhinitis I have sensitive nose to unwanted smells.”

— Emily, Manila

*reviews are from and direct customers

Inhale Room Spray Peppermint Eucalyptus Wintergreen esential oils

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