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Image by Gilberto Olimpio


Did you know that those tiny leaf-like parts that cup a flower bud's petals from beneath as it is growing are called sepals? Another word for that structure is "calyx" [pronounced as kay luhks].

And just like a calyx forms a protective layer around a flower bud to help it grow, we do exactly that for you by creating products that encourage you to start living healthier lives. 


Calyx Life & Home is an environment-friendly product maker located in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.  Our small business creates products that let you discover the power of fragrance to make your life and home more beautiful.


Plenty of research and testing goes into our products before they all make it to our store.  Plenty of effort goes into finding the best materials and ingredients.  And we spend a lot of hours designing our packaging. 

All our products are created to improve your quality of life. Our candle scents emit no harmful toxins as they gently fragrance your home. Our natural room and linen sprays increase your physical comfort by going above scenting your home.  And unlike many artificially-scented rooms sprays, ours do that without irritating your nose. Lastly, our Shimmer Clean Shower Cleansing Creams not only clean your body, they also leave a protective layer on it that keeps your skin from drying out after bathing.   We borrowed that concept from baby-care bath product formulations. 


 All our products fit three descriptions:

- toxin-free

- thoughtfully made

- environment-conscious 

That's the way we help you discover the power of scent to  make your life and home beautiful. Through use of products that improve your quality of life.

Sleep Room Spray
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