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Aromatic Oil


Did you know that scent gives you the magical ability to

- travel back to the past

- make someone feel loved

- comfort and soothe yourself

That is why luxury spas and hotels all use fragrance on their properties. Many spas and hotels hire professional perfumers to create a signature scent for them that helps set them apart from others. Fragrance has become an important part of the guest experience and these spas and hotels exploit it to help shape positive associations.  Psychiatrists use fragrance as well to help their patients feel safe and comfortable just to open up to their emotions. 


Among the five senses, our sense of smell is the only one that instantly brings a memory to the forefront. The scent of someone's cologne can trigger a loving feeling. The powdery soft smell of a baby can induce feelings of affection and care.


That is the power of fragrance.


Shape the mood landscapes in your home by using our wonderful candle scents and wax melts.

Encourage pleasant moods by placing our universally-loved Lavender Candle in the living room where family hangs at. Light a large lemongrass candle and place it on the floor near the wall next to the commode to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time.*

Having friends over? Burn our Springtime Candle with the Gardenia and Frangipani Candle and create a beautiful bouquet of friendly florals on your living room table. For a sophisticated vibe, try lighting our Old World Candle. Its cinnamon, smoky oakwood fragrance is a beloved

unisex purchase.

Alternatively, purchase an electronic wax melter and melt some of our wax melts on it. Start with Baja Desert for a lively robust fragrance or Bourbon Isle if you lean towards caramel vanilla fragrances. Place the melter on a bedroom table and enjoy.


Mix scents up and create your own. Experiment. 


Make your home more beautiful with scent.  The possibilities are endless.

*practice safety first. Place your candle on the sink instead if you will have pets and small children around.

bridal bouquet of pink roses
Healthy Spaces
Woman Sleeping


Learn to use the natural and powerful health benefits of essential oils in your home.  These oils go beyond just scenting your rooms, they also help ease ordinary ailments like sleeplessness, stuffy noses, and nervous energy. We make all our room and linen sprays purely with them. No artificial fragrance.  That's why we call them our Natural Healing Collection. 

If you're needing some sleep relief set a bottle of our Sleep Linen and Room Spray on your bedside table. Spritz the air, pillows, bedsheet and blanket with it before going to sleep.

If a peaceful, minty spa ambiance is what you're after, go for the Inhale Linen and Room Spray. Mist it lightly everywhere you go.  


Lastly, if you're feeling extra jittery, grab that Cozy Comfort Room Spray, shut yourself inside a room and spray your surroundings with it. Shut off the lights and lie down on your bed or sofa. (Make sure you spray those too.) Immerse yourself in total darkness by wearing an eye mask. Inhale deeply for a few minutes. Calm yourself down.

Healthy scent can certainly make life more beautiful indeed.

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