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Now, bigger in weight and in a new travel-friendly jar with a gold cap. Gold foil wrap-around labels give this candle a premium look that's perfect for gifting.


The Bourbon Isle Scented Candle is an unforgettably delicious caramel vanilla scented candle with notes of butter, cream, chocolate, musk and sugar.


It was inspired by the world-famous vanilla beans grown on Bourbon Isle. This island is French-owned and produces Bourbon Vanilla - considered the most sought-after variety of vanilla by chefs around the world.


A delight for candle afficionados with a penchant for foodie aromas.


*this scent is a dupe of Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel.


Net Wt. 215 grams

Burns up to 50 hrs.

Bourbon Isle Soy Candle -- Caramel Vanilla Scented