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gift bundle for sleep deprived people

A good night’s sleep is essential to fight work stress and keeps you mentally healthy too.


Our bodies need it. Without question.


This is a special bundle for people who just need some help falling asleep.


Give someone special the Deep Sleep Essentials gift bundle if you want them to sleep better. It will help calm their minds and help heal their bodies from sleep deprivation.


Sold on a 7-day pre-order arrangement.

Deep Sleep Essentials - For Sleep Deprived Persons

₱2,110.50 Regular Price
₱1,700.00Sale Price
  • Discount codes will not apply to this value set.

    Pre-order (7 days to deliver)

  • 1 x Lavender Soy Candle

    1 x Shimmer Clean Shower Cleansing Cream in Tranquility 225ml.

    1 x Inhale Natural Healing Linen Room Spray (85ml.)

    1 x Sleep Natural Healing Linen Room Spray (85 ml.)

    1 x Pillow Soft Eye Mask in old rose color

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