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Our room & linen sprays are different from others because we make them with essential oils that actually soothe and help heal our bodies. That's the reason we call them Natural Healing Room & Linen Sprays.


The Natural Healing Linen & Room Spray (Sleep) variant contains lavender & chamomile essential oils.


Lavender - helps relieve mild insomnia/anxiety

Chamomile - helps promote sleep



- helps you settle down

- helps you sleep faster

- helps you to sleep deeper


To sleep faster, spray lightly on your pillows, blanket and sheets before you go to bed.  Try spraying into your closet as well to lightly scent your clothes. (Test spray first to see that it doesn't leave stains.)


Our Natural Healing Room & Linen Sprays are free from fragrance oils.

Natural Healing Room Spray - Sleep

PriceFrom ₱175.00
  • Unlock trigger spray by pushing the latch (beneath the spray head) to the left. Pump trigger spray a few times into the air and onto your bed or closet. Our sprays are tested to leave no residue on cloth. As an extra precaution however, test your spray on a corner of your bedsheet first to see if it leaves a stain or not.   

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