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Now, bigger in weight and in a new travel-friendly jar with a gold cap. Gold foil wrap-around labels give this candle a premium look that's perfect for gifting.


The Springtime Scented Candle is sweet innocent charm. Think of airy sundresses and strappy sandals, long drives to the mountains with your very special someone, stopping by a grassy cliff just to sit on the grass and seeing the sun set as the day comes to a gentle end.


Sweet apple, pomelo and apricot open this experience. Clean herbal lavender, magnolia, dahlia, and bamboo follow while the muskiness of sandalwood, cedarwood, and cashmere envelops it all in a warm embrace. What a harvest of romantic memories in springtime.



Net Wt. 215 grams

Burns up to 50 hrs.

Springtime Candle

  • When you first light your scented candle, always let the melting wax reach the sides of the container before extinguishing it. This will prevent your candle from tunneling down the center in later burns. Always trim wick to 1/3 inch before each light to keep soot to a minimum. 



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