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Now, bigger in weight and in a new travel-friendly jar with a gold cap. Gold foil wrap-around labels give this candle a premium look that's perfect for gifting.


The Baja Desert Scented Candle* was inspired by the ghost plant found in many terrariums and landscapes of trendy homes. It has botanical green notes, bright juicy citrus and tropical florals that emanate from a hearth of coconut and musk before finally settling down onto an earthy base of sandalwood.


If succulents had a scent they would smell like this.


*number 1 bestseller at every bazaar we joined...



Net Wt. 215 grams


Burns up to 50 hrs.

Baja Desert Candle

  • When you first light your scented candle, always let the melting wax reach the sides of the container before extinguishing it. This will prevent your candle from tunneling down the center in later burns. Always trim wick to 1/3 inch before each light to keep soot to a minimum. 

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